Love for nature

After many years dedicated to improving our trade, we decided to leave Cuba and embark on the adventure of traveling to Spain and create the firm D'Castjewels

Our goal is to combine the craftsmanship and the most contemporary design, regaining a taste for things well done. Each piece is unique and personal and the whole implementation process is entirely manual, dedicating the time necessary to distinguish the care of the finish and texture. The design of our creations are inspired both by the memory of our experiences, origins and traditions, as in the pure forms of nature and every day and symbolic forms that surround our lives.

Looking to share our little jewels we arrived a year ago to the Etsy community, where we feel at home, our window to the world from which to extend our creations every day to more people who, like us, enjoy those little authentic details and see a jewel not just as a trinket, but something unique that will accompany you on your journey and that will remind you of those things you love.

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