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Love for nature

We are Raúl and Cristina, a couple who met in the audiovisual world creating and designing sets for movies and television series. I, Raúl, came from a family of jewelry artisans. I met Cristina, designer and artist and decided to join trade and creativity, to embark on the adventure of creating the firm D'Castjoyas Designs with a line of work focused on originality and careful and exclusive work.

Our goal is to unite the most contemporary craftsmanship and design, recovering the taste for the well done. Each piece is unique and personal, the entire process is completely manual, investing the time required to be highlighted by its texture and finish. Applying the "slow" philosophy to each of our works, we create pieces of jewelry that last over time and show the spirit of work done with calm and finesse.

The design of our creations is inspired both by the memory of our experiences, origin and traditions, as well as by the pure forms of nature and the daily and symbolic forms that surround our lives.
We interpret nature, we do not copy it, and with that we understand its essence.

Looking to share our small jewelry project we arrived more than three years ago to the Etsy community, where we feel at home every day. It is our window to the world from where we can get our creations every day to more people, who, like us, like those little authentic details and who see a jewel more than a simple trinket, they see it as something unique that will accompany you on your trip and to remind you of those things that you love
D'Cast Joyería Designs offers the possibility of making exclusive pieces on request and with this help our clients to realize important moments of their lives

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